Eric Auld Limited Edition Print Offer

Eric Auld Westburn House AberdeenYou may of seen on our Facebook and Instagram page we shared a painting of an Oil painting of Westburn House by Eric Auld, 1951. In Eric’s painting you can see the original colours of the veranda, now painted black it would be fantastic to reinstate the original colours.

The Facebook post received a great response resulting in the estate of Eric Auld contacting us to offer assistance with the project. Eric’s Daughters  have a very generously offered us 100 prints of Eric’s famous Aberdeen skyline to sell to raise funds.

The artist was a much loved Aberdonian who throughout his lifetime celebrated the city and its many virtues. He celebrated, in paint, the wonderful values seen in his city and was passionate about preserving the beloved assets of Aberdeen. It's fitting his paintings are helping raise funds. These prints highlight the beauty of our city and many of the Archibald Simpson designed buildings.

We have 100 (50 of each design) Limited Edition Print Series available to be purchased via our crowdfunder page. Both prints highlight our beautiful city as many of the beautiful  buildings designed by Archibald Simpson & his contemporaries.

Our new Heras Fence Panels

The huge amount of work done to date could not be possible with out the generosity of donations from local businesses.  We would like to mention a special thank you to Adrian and his team at Eye Candy Graphics for their ongoing help & the donation of our new Heras fence coverings. The four designs which will be repeated around the house will both inform passers-by about the project and smarten up the look of the site. - Increasing awareness is key to making the project successful.

Heras Panels Westburn House

Rewards for donating to Westburn house Crowdfunder campaign

This crowdfunding campaign is about how you can support us to get the building up and running as soon as possible.  Raising funds via crowdfunding will provide the capital needed to prepare for essential works and some of the key elements as the project develops. We believe there is great support from our advocates, friends and future customers for a project of this ambition and believe you will come out in force and pledge to give us that financial boost we need get us into the building.

Become a Westburn Development Trust Trustee or Charity member

Joining us is one of the best ways to make a real difference and support the project, Become a member and you’ll join a growing group of people who play a part in everything we do – a group of driven members, passionate to see Westburn House developed to provide core facilities for the community and a museum dedicated to Aberdeen’s proud architectural heritage.

Volunteer for our next community project – The Big Community Cleanup

We are currently seeking volunteers to assist us with our aim to smarten the site by the clearing of the build-up of weeds and leaves that currently surround the house as seen on the picture below. This action will vastly improve the appearance of the site. This project was due to take place early summer 2020 but delayed due to the COVID Lockdown. We are now looking to complete late summer.